Gruntee Face

When you become a gruntee, you make a commitment to follow these rules. Gross violations of the rules are akin to becoming a traitor.

Shadowclan Rules

The point of being in Shadowclan is to have more fun than one would have in another guild. Thus the intent of these rules is to help us all have more fun through acting in a way that respects others. For those familiar with the spirit of Shadowclan, most of these rules are common sense.

The most current set of rules can be found in the Comprehensive Rules and Regulations post on our Message boards.

Handling problems

In-game reaction

Some problems can be handled by leaders in-game in-character. Some problems, however, have no appropriate in-character response.

Reporting issues

Contact a clan leader privately in-game or out-of-game and present a detailed report of the incident.

How reports are handled

Leaders will address problems by trying to fix the problem and to make sure it doesn't happen again. Sometimes this involves a verbal correction, sometimes a warning, and sometimes more serious punishment.


Shadowclan characters are in-character 100% of the time they are in-game. Thus, characters that are logged-in are expected to be responsive and actively controlled by the player.

If you play more than one Shadowclan character, please do not expect one character to be treated differently because of the reputation of the other character. Similarly, please treat each character as an individual character, regardless of who is playing the character.

Chain of command

The Shadowclan chain of command must be followed at all times. At the same time, it is expected that authority not be abused. Higher ranks can assume control of groups, and discipline members (using the duel feature).



You are expected to preferably group with Shadowclan members. Always look for other Shadowclan groups to join. If already in a Shadowclan group, and a Shadowclan member of a similar level is looking for a group, do what you can to get them to join you. When in a Shadowclan group, listen and obey the Orc in charge of the group. Be patient with the group leader and do not attempt to make leading the group more difficult.


If you are in-game at the time of a scheduled clan-wide event, you must try to attend the event. Not only are they fun, but they are a good way to see what Shadowclan is really all about.


Equipment, supplies, and money are shared among Shadowclan members. Feel free to sell grey items and equipment. White items should be given to a clan crafter, and white equipment (weapons and armor) handed down to other Shadowclan members in need or sold.


Acquiring resource from other orcs for developing professions is not allowed without special permission, which you can only request once you become a Gruntee. Developing at least one gathering profession is required until gruntee rank.

Respect other players

Although you are an orc that distrusts anyone outside of Shadowclan, don't act mean in a way that other players will take personally.

If you have problems with another member of Shadowclan, report the problem to a clan leader and let the clan deal with it.

Never break the terms of service for playing World of Warcraft.


Your Shadowclan character is expected to always be in-character when in-game, and thus should be in-character on all chat channels. The only exception is private player-to-player /tell communication may be out-of-character when necessary.

Use /say as much as possible

Guild chat

Guild chat is for:
In-character communication only
Saying "Ug" when you log on
Saying "Gug'ye" when you log off
Saying "Hoowah" or "Ug" to new Peons
Cheering for new Gruntees
Brief friendly banter with those not nearby
Occasional questions when other communication channels fail to get an answer
Announcing significant in-character achievements
Detailed reports of major enemy groups in areas with many clan members
Detailed announcements of clan activities
Crafter service announcements
Sharing, i.e. seeing if anyone wants a good item that you no longer want

Guild chat is NOT for:
Anything out-of-character
Running a group or raid or trip
Asking if nobs are available
ALL CAPS, unless you are a clan leader and it is an emergency

Message Boards

Your message board name should be the same as your character's name. If you have several main characters that need to post, we prefer that you register each character.

Do not cross post. Post only once, in the most appropriate forum.

No personal attacks or flaming. Be respectful of fellow players both in and out of Shadowclan.

When posting on a non-Shadowclan message board as a Shadowclan member, you are also expected to demonstrate maturity and show respect for others. When answering questions about Shadowclan policy, check with a leader first or simply copy and paste the appropriate sentence from this website.

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