Peon Face


When speaking, keep things simple and to the point.

Emphasize letters O, U and K.

When confused, just say "Me nub gruk".

Don't forget to speak out loud to everyone when speaking, i.e. use "/say".

Feel free to use the in-game verbal commands, but only when appropriate.

Make the extra effort to ensure that what you are saying is going into the proper chat channel. If you do accidentally say something in the wrong chat channel, it is sometimes appropriate to follow it up with a simple "Uupz!" or "Bah!" to indicate that it is to be ignored.

Do's and Don'ts

Don't use smiley faces, use "Har!"

Don't use abbreviations like rofl. Spell out the whole word or phrase.

Don't use numerical symbols (1,5,20,etc).

Don't talk about things like levels, skill numbers, etc, except in a way that would be in-character for your character (i.e., learning more about something or getting stronger).

Basic Shadowclan Orc Blah

While hard for others to understand at times, it is actually easy to learn.

Having lived isolated for so long, it is no wonder we sound different from many other Orcs.

We do not expect new members to be perfect. We do expect you to make the effort. As you practice, it will become more and more natural to you.

We know that Shadowclan Orcs who have just emerged from Outland can be disoriented by the new land, and prone to speaking like the natives at times.

Basic Words

There are just a twelve basic words that all new members should learn. Fill in the gaps with misspelt English with a dark, guttural accent.

Ughello Gug'yegoodbye
Yubyes Nubno
Meme, myself, I Latyou
Hoowah!hoorah! Skah!*exclamation of contempt*
Har!ha ha Rulgthanks

Traditional Words

Also, when speaking to a higher ranked orc, there are some important words to remember

Throm'kahello (formal, respectful)
Dabuyes (obedient, respectful)
Zugzugyes (obedient, respectful)

And when a higher rank orc is giving orders, you may hear

Lok'target ready, pay attention (and stop talking!)
Lok'tar Ogar!get ready for glorious battle

Additional Words

Here are some additional simple words that you'll find are commonly used.

Klompattack, kill
Bubhoshgreat, big
Nubhoshterrible, small

For more words, visit the Shadowclan Orc Language Reference section.

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