Gruntee Face

You, the player, are expected to make sure your Shadowclan Gruntee character keeps their oath. If you ever decide to stop playing as part of Shadowclan, then you are expected to simply stop playing the character. If you are going to sell the account, then delete the Shadowclan character prior to selling. Failure to meet these expectations will result in not being allowed to join Shadowclan again, in any game.

Becoming a Gruntee

Advancing to the Gruntee rank is the most important step a Shadowclan member will ever make. When you become a gruntee, your character takes a binding oath of allegiance to Shadowclan, and becomes a full member of the clan! Hoowah!

Attaining Gruntee rank is not very difficult. There are only two things you need to do.

First, you must acquire shoulder armor that you can wear to show that you are indeed a Gruntee. Because of this requirement, most Orcs become Gruntees between levels 15-30. Note - do not put on the shoulder armor until you actually become a gruntee.

Second, you have to take and pass the Gruntee test. This is a test of your Shadowclan knowledge, and it is usually administered by a leader in-game. If you have read the member guide, you should have no problem passing the test.

It is not in anyone's interest to remain a Peon forever. You will want the benefits of a Gruntee and eventually of belonging to a Tribe. If you are approaching level 40, and have passed up opportunities to take the Gruntee test, then you may be asked to go ahead and make your decision on if you are going to advance to Gruntee, or leave Shadowclan.

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