Fugru Tribe

Fugrus are made up of the "modern" members of Shadowclan. They are those born in the new land, they never stepped through the portal.

Fugrus grow up around trolls and deathknights and thus perceive them as absolutely normal and welcome clan members. They speak the clans trollish just as well as orcish.

Fugrus understand the old Shadowclan principle of "Might makes right", but also understand the consequences. Might(or Powa' for ologs) in the new land comes from shinies, everything is ruled by shinies. There are certainly ways to get shinies, but the most important aspect is simply "luck". As such all Fugrus strive to be lucky, there aren't many more nice things to be said about a Fugru, but that they are lucky. Luck can be gained, either by means of a talisman, by praying or sarificing to a god (Loa for ologs), by receiving extra-luck from the outside(buffs) or just by standing up and taking luck in your own paws.


Fugrus enjoy treasure and gold. They strive to be the richest(and thus mightiest) on the uzg. Generally trips being lead by these members are to gain possession, fame and powa'. Fugru members are always willing to take a nice bribe, which is the best way to get on their good side. They are greedy, and it can be difficult to get anything from them, unless it is absolutely necessary for the clan. They do still provide for the clan just as well as any other troll or orc.

Despite the fact that they enjoy items and gold a lot, they also like to protect it. It is not odd for a fugru to have some sort of secure storage to put their treasure in. These items are eventually used, given away, or traded off. Fugrus are very good at trading and financing.

They do not like to see items or gold wasted or lost, especially if it is an item they want for themselves. These trolls and orcs won't give something up without a fight, and their ability to fight should not be taken lightly.


Orcs and Trolls in this tribe wear golden shirts.

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