Drae'hai Tribe

The stench of blood and charred flesh mixed in the air. The large orc spit on the unconscious body before him. Undoing the flask of cider at his belt, he then took a drink before spilling a mouthful onto the dirt. That was for his fallen opponent. He had fought honourably.

Scratching his greasy gnat-ridden head, the orc slowly crouched down before his opponent and tore the earring that marked his bloodrank in their tribe. While rising back up, he suddenly felt a sharp jab into the back of his thigh. A high pitched voice squealed behind him, “Hey! You big dumb Orc, did you want to make a withdrawal? Or did I just spend ten minutes looking for your deposit box key for nothing?!”

“Wuh?" Coming out of his reverie, Bluk looked down at the small green goblin banker, "oh.. yub.. heer, an put dis ledder in der too.”

Ah, how he longed for the days back in Draenor. Sitting around the campfire, drinking all day and all night, and having puking contests with his fellow orcs.

One day they would make it back there he vowed.

One day.


Orcs in this tribe have a longing for their homeland. This is exhibited in two basic ways:

First, their desire to live the good ol orcish life: a well fought duel, the long hunt, and an abundance of drink.

Second, their desire to actually return home. Now! While some may feel at home in this new land, to most in this tribe the similarity to Draenor is a haunting reminder of how they are no longer able to roam the Sulfer Plains in search of prey. This is a tribe with a plan, and the Warlocks and Engineers in the tribe are hard at work.


Orcs in this tribe wear brown shirts.


Orcs in this tribe ride brown wolves.

Brown Wolf

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