By selecting guild/alliance only when searching for items available at the auction hut, you can see items that are being sold by members within our guild and alliance. These items are sold at very cheap prices and should be the first search you do when looking at auctions.

All Shadowclan players are expected to obey the chain of command.

All Shadowclan players are expected to behave in an appropriate manner both in-game and on the game forums.

All Shadowclan players are expected to pick up at least one gathering skill. All crafting components that you dont use yourself should be donated to the Clan crafters by placing them into the Guild Vault.

Shadowclan players are allowed to use the auction hut to purchase items and goods. Shadowclan players should only put items up for 'guild-only' auctions unless they are a designated Clan Mak'r or Big Boss.


To hide your cloak, open up your character portrait and hover over the cloak slot. You'll see a small checkbox in the upper left corner of that slot. Click that box to hide the item. To display the guild heraldry on your cloak, click the checkbox in the upper right of the cloak slot.

The official Shadowclan color is Green. Runtees and Dum Gits are expected to dye as much armor as they can in the Snot Green color. Anyone of rank Big' Un / Gob or higher is expected to dye their armor in the Orc Green color. Secondary color must be Snot Green for Runtees and Dum Gits. Higher ranked Greenskins should use Orc Green as their secondary colors. Characters in Major Gangz may use their gang color as a secondary dye option (this includes Runtees). (See the Gangz section for more details.)

Runtees and Dum Gits are required to keep their cloaks hidden at all times. All other ranks should display the clan colors on their cloak

There are no restrictions on what equipment Shadowclan players can wear.

Rank Restrictions

The following restrictions are in place for characters of the Dum Git rank.

  • Dum Gits must keep their cloaks hidden at all times.
  • Dum Gits are not allowed to ride mounts.
  • Dum Gits are not allowed to make any withdrawals from the Guild Vault.
  • Dum Gits are not allowed to choose a last name.

The following restrictions are in place for characters of the Runtee rank.

  • Runtees must keep their cloaks hidden at all times.
  • Runtees may only ride the basic mounts (Light Brown Ridin' Boar and Grey Ridin' Wulf).
  • Runtees must wear all Snot Green as their main dye color.


At rank 20, players are allowed to purchase a mount. However, Shadowclan players are not allowed to ride mounts at all until they are Runtee rank or higher. The only mounts allowed are the Light Brown Ridin' Boar and the Grey Ridin' Wulf. Other mount colors are reserved for use by Big 'Uns / Gobs and higher ranks that are in a Gang. The alternate mount color for a Major Gang will be decided by the leader of that gang and Da Biggust Boss and will be listed on the Gangz page.


All Shadowclan players may craft as much or as little as they like. Everyone is encouraged to pick up a gathering skill (scavenging, butchering or salvaging). Any crafting items you gather that you dont use yourself should be sent to an official Clan Maker or put into the Guild Vault (which is located just SW of the central area in Inevitable City).

The bulk of donated crafting items will be given to officially designated Clan Mak'rs who will also be supplemented by gold as needed, and are expected to produce a steady stream of useful items to be placed in the Clan Vaults for use by other members of Shadowclan. For more details, see the Clan Mak'r section of the Organization page.

In-game Speech

One of our most important rules is that all Shadowclan characters speak in Greenskin on ALL chat channels, including say, shout, party, warband, regional, etc. Do not use parentheses or other markings to indicate that you're speaking out of character. Just dont speak out of character at all. Tells to other Shadowclan may be out of character if necessary. All in-game communication with non-Shadowclan players must be in-character regardless of mode. This is an important part of the Shadowclan identity and roleplay.