So named because of the color of their waxy skin, the greenskins are savagery personified. They are ill-tempered, primitive, and live only to fight. In the absence of another foe, greenskins will eventually turn on one another for want of violence. In their culture, might makes right and the weakest members of society are one false step away from being dinner.

Orcs are not bright by any means, but they do possess a basic, brutal social structure. They are bullies who impose their will on anyone they think is weaker than they. There is nothing an Orc loves more than to fight and battles with them are always bloody affairs, for Orcs are fearsome foes, even when wounded. They feel no pain and fear nothing.

Goblins are considerably smaller than Orcs, but they compensate for this disadvantage with a feral cunning that their larger brethren lack. Goblins are constantly bullied and intimidated by the Orcs and this has caused them to evolve into sneaky and insidious creatures whose comical appearance belies their malicious intelligence. In many ways Goblins are the brains behind greenskin tribal society. Goblins are the Shamans of their tribes and are often clever enough to use the leverage associated with this position to manipulate the larger but slower Orcs into doing their bidding.

In any Shadowclan-led party of Warband, the highest ranking Black Orc should always be given leadership. If there is more than one Black Orc of the same rank, then whoever is biggest (ie highest level) should be given the leadership position. If the Black Orc player is uncomfortable leading directly, they can always appoint someone else as an assistant and/or take 'advice' from a Goblin in the warband.

The Greenskins are actually two separate species, the small, sneaky Goblins, and the big, dumb Orcs.

Greenskins live by the mottos of Might Makes Right and Bigger is Better.

Because of this, Goblins are never directly in charge. However, Goblins are generally a lot more clever than orcs and use their wits to manipulate their larger brethren.

Goblins often give deference to Black Orcs simply to avoid being smashed, but they secretly consider themselves equals or even superior to the Orcs.

Leaders of parties or Warbands are usually referred to as Boss

Greenskins are crude, rude and loud. They enjoy smashing and breaking things, especially stunties. They often find humor in bodily functions and the misfortunes of others.

There is nothing a Greenskin loves more than a good fight, and they will often go great lengths to be involved in a good scrap, including such seemingly-suicidal endeavors as being launched from a catapult into the midst of their foes.

Greenskins are also very social creatures in their own way. They love having other Greenskins around, even if it's just so that they have someone nearby to fight with.

Check out our History and Lore section. It not only has info about Greenskins in general, but it also contains the background for Shadowclan in WAR. This is a good place to start when thinking about how to roleplay a Greenskin.


You are encouraged to use /say as much as possible rather than restricting speech to private chat channels. Part of Shadowclan philosophy is to make the game fun for others, and letting other players nearby listen to our in-character antics is a large part of that.

It is not required that you develop an extended background with specific quirks in order to roleplay, but many people find it makes their gaming experience more interesting and fun and also helps guide them in becoming their character. The most important part of roleplaying is staying in character. Try to respond and act as you imagine your character would when confronted with situations in-game, even if the other player is behaving in a way that is inconsistent with your character's perspective.

Shadowclan Specific Roleplay

Shadowclan takes a strong, nationalistic pride in all of the zones within the Dwark/Greenskin pairings. Shadowclan players are expected to fight tooth and nail to keep each and every Greenskin zone out of control of the stunties. Order players on Badlands should come to know that any assault on a Greenskin zone could very well meet reistance from Shadowclan.

Shadowclan also has a particular dislike for dwarfs, and will often go out of their way to try and 'bash da stunties'. Shadowclan players are also enouraged to make anti-stuntie curses and to wear stuntie heads or other such decoration on their armor if they can.