To outsiders, Greenskin social structure seems rather simple. The biggest, meanest and loudest of them are in charge. While this is nominally true, Greenskins are also well aware that being the biggest and loudest doesn't always mean that you are in charge. They follow a certain social order and have the concept of obeying and following orders beaten into them from the moment they step out of the fungus patch.



To join the Shadowclan, simply send a tell to any member ranked Big 'Un or higher.

Every new Greenskin starts off as a Dum Git. This is mostly just a temporary title for new characters. Any new character should try and get in touch with a Nob or Boss for official inspection. Once they pass this inspection (which mainly covers your ability to speak and roleplay as well as making sure that your character name is appropriate), they will be promoted to Gruntee rank.

As a Shadowclan Greenskin grows larger, they can be promoted to Big 'Un or Gob by performing certain tasks or quests for the Big Bosses. These events are generally character-specific and offered to those Greenskins who have shown that they understand the Shadowclan philosophy and also displayed traits that would make them good role models for smaller Greenksins. If you feel you are ready for this promotion, you can contact your favorite Big Boss. But be warned, promotion tasks are not always handed out immediately, and bothering a Big Boss repeatedly will only earn you their wrath!

Bosses are mostly self-appointed by forming a Gang and getting enough Greenskins to follow them to make their voice noticed.

Waaagh! Bosses are chosen by Da Biggest Boss with advice and recommendations from the Big Bosses. It is not unknown for them to also be Bosses of their own Gang. Waaagh! Bosses will need to have already demonstrated their leadership and command abilities before they would ever be considered for this position.

Big Boss ranks are promoted by the Guild Leader as the need arises. All Big Bosses speak with the authority given to them by Da Biggest Boss. Big Bosses give up any Gang affiliation they might have upon promotion. The survival of the Clan as a whole is more important than any Gang.

The Warboss position is one that is taken by force and volume. Only Black Orcs can be Warboss. And not every Black Orc that tries to assume the position of Warboss succeeds!

Standard Bearers

Standard Bearers play an important role in Warhammer Online. They not only are charged with carrying and protecting our Clan banners into battle, but they also serve as a rallying point for the warbands they are with.

Though the current standard bearers can be changed on the fly by anyone ranked Waaagh! Boss and higher, we have a limited number of slots for active bearers. In order to be eligible to be appointed as a standard bearer, the character must meet the following requirements:

Clan Mak'rs

There are three Clan Mak'r positions, one Mix'r (Apothecary), one Talisman Maker, one Weed Grow'r (Cultivating).

Clan Mak'rs are always Goblins (Orcs just don't have the mental focus to deal with the minutae of being an official Clan Mak'r) and are considered masters of their chosen craft. Clan Mak'rs are intimately familiar with their profession. They manage the resources pertaining to their craft that arrive in the mail and are placed into the Clan Vault. They are also do their best to maintain a supply of whatever end-goods their profession creates on the guild auctions and/or in the guild vault.

Every Shadowclan character is encouraged to take a gathering skill and send along any crafting materials they find and wont use themselves, to the Clan Mak'rs or put them into the Clan Vault.

Alongside the Clan Mak'r you will find their apprentices. These are also restricted to Goblins-only. Apprentices are expected to assist the Clan Mak'rs with production and distribution of goods. Their duties and training will vary between Mak'rs. Clan Mak'rs are not required to have apprentices, but they are encouraged to do so, both for roleplay reasons and to help take some of the manufacturing burden off of the Clan Mak'rs.

To assist in their craft, Clan Mak'rs will have access to all sections of the Clan Vault (as they become available).

Some Clan Mak'rs are known to devise crafting-oriented quests and tasks to test lower-ranked Goblins and gauge their suitability for potential promotion within the Clan.