Gork and Mork

Gork and Mork are the twin deities worshipped by the Greenskins. Some claim that these two were actually the very first Greenskins, and thus, the ancestors (so to speak) of the entire species. Worshipers of Gork and Mork claim that one god will hit you whilst you aren't looking the other will hit you while you are. Gork is known as the god of cunning brutality, while Mork is the god of brutal cunning. It is not uncommon for fights to break out over which god is better, but oftentimes, the Greenskins will forget which one they were supporting in the first place!

One of these two gods, perhaps Gork perhaps Mork, is also associated with great strength. It is likely that this may be Gork however as the phrase "Gork SMASH" is quite a common one among Orcs for example. Mork however thus might be the greenskin god of magic and many of their shamans have attested to this. Yet there are also many great spells among their kind which owe their names and power to Gork. Gork and Mork are widely believed to aid particular Greenskin followers in battle, in some cases even manifesting themselves physically to step on their enemies!


Greenskins are mean and nasty enough on their own, but when a group of Greenskins gets together, they begin to generate a strange, powerful energy. One manifestation of this energy, called by some the Great Green but which is more aptly known as the WAAAGH!

In isolation a singular Orc produces very little of this strange energy. However it is in the great numbers of a horde that the energies of the WAAAGH! become truly magnificent in scope. Close proximity to other greenskins has a magnifying effect upon these energies, which form a collective pool about them that their shamans may draw upon. These energies in sufficient quantities also seem to have a great effect upon the minds of both Orcs and Goblins, enhancing their natural intellect and cunning to heights not normally seen, above and beyond the overall physical might these energies begin to provide to individual members of the WAAAGH!

The cycle of energy production within a Greenskin horde is self sustaining and can continue to grow in strength over time, or if the size of the horde increases. This later possibility is all too likely as great quantities of WAAAGH! energies can apparently be sensed from a great distance by other Greenskins, giving them a natural desire to go and 'join in on the fun'. This energy seems to be directly tied to the emotional state of the Greenskins. The more excited and agitated they grow the more powerful the WAAAGH! energy becomes.

Shamans draw their power from the WAAAGH! and seldom consider its source as something other than divine gift. Though the presence of Waaagh! energy is most readily noticable in the dimunitive goblin Shaman, all Greenskins will begin to feel stronger, tougher and more aggressive as the power of the WAAAGH! grows. If there is no external enemy to fight, the Greenskins will often fall on each other in a frenzy until a more level-headed Boss comes along and kicks them back into line.

This energy is such an important part of Greenskin life that the word Waaagh! has come to take on many meanings. It is commonly used as a battle yell, a definition for a large group of rampaging Greenskins, and just as a general cry of victory, pain or excitement!

Squigs, Slop Pits and Mushrooms

Greenskins are omnivorous eaters and are not above cannibalism in regards to eating those smaller than themselves (oftentimes, only the quickest goblins and snotlings make it back from a campaign with all of their limbs intact).

The main food source for an established Greenskin encampment (armies on the road generally just eat the goblins and whatever else they can find nearby), are the infamous Slop Pits. Part refuse, part liquid, mostly unidentifiable and incredibly vile smelling, looking and tasting, these pits are often the center of activity as Greenskins stop by for a bite to eat, fight over particularly tasty bits, and sometimes, inadvertently become part of the Slop Pits themselves.

Squigs are little more than bundles of muscle and teeth that are commonly raised as a source of food in Greenskin society. Some intrepid Goblins have taken up the suicidal task of trying to tame these beasts. Though the lifespan of Squig Herders is generally very short with a violent ending, those who do survive become fierce opponents on the battelfield. Using their squigs as a rather effective distraction, the little Goblin herders will find a good vantage point from which to lob arrows at their foes.

Being a fungus-based lifeform themselves, the Greenskins have a particular affinity for mushrooms, especially the goblin Shaman. Many Shaman consume various poisonous mushrooms in an attempt to increase their WAAAGH! power or to generate visions that they believe can reveal secrets. Mushrooms are also commonly brewed into teas and soups, and many Shaman carry a supply with them at all times.

The Greenskins often maintain fungus caverns where mushrooms and squigs are produced. The infamous Night Goblins have taken this to extremes, living most of their lives underground and taking the art of growing mushrooms and squigs to new levels, creating giagantic versions of each!

If there is one thing that Goblin Shaman know how to do when they aren't eating mushrooms, it is growing them. Among the dank mountain caverns many different varieties grow, and every shaman knows that the best mushrooms grow in the darkest, muddiest, and smelliest places. Of particular valley are Madcap mushrooms, a type so potent as to enhance the sorcerous power of the Waaagh! to unpredictable intensity. Consuming a single mushroom will turn a normal Goblin into a frenzied, frothing lunatic. Few Goblins, shaman or not, survive and encounter with a Madcap mushroom, but that hasn't stopped them eating them by any stretch.

Recent World Events

The great Warboss Grumlok and his shaman Gazbag have created one of the biggest Waaagh!s ever seen and taken the ancient dwarven fortress of Karak Eight Peaks. Runners have been sent out to all the tribes within the World's Edge Mountains to gather at the great fortress for a final assault to destroy the stunties for good!

Shadowclan History

Grubdug was a small-time bully, lording over an unremarkable tribe of goblins deep in the World's Edge Mountains, scratching an existence out of the rocks by ambushing lone travellers and other, weaker goblin tribes. They lived amongst the rocks and crevices of a steep valley, calling themselves Shadowclan.

But then one fateful day, the ground shook and an ominous-looking dark cloud could be seen rising over distant peaks. Grubdug grabbed the nearest goblin and shook him heartily, demanding to know what was happening. The hapless goblin babbled incoherently and Grubdug flung him to the ground with a disgusted snort.

Days passed and the mysteroius incident was forgotten, until one morning an overly-excited, out of breath goblin ran into camp, yelling about how some orc named Grumlok was gathering together the biggest Waaagh! since Gorbad Ironclaw and had already smashed and taken one of the biggest stuntie forts and was well on the way to smashing the stuntie capitol as well!

After killing and eating the interloper, Grubdug had a chance to sit back and reflect on the words of the messenger. While bashing gobos in the head was fun, Grubdug felt that he was destined for larger things, and perhaps this Waaagh! was just the place to prove himself. And besides, any opportunity to bash some stunties sounded like a good time to Grubdug. It was a stuntie ambush that had nearly blinded him and left him with a large scar across his left eye. Grubdug didn't mind the scar, but he did hate losing a fight to a stuntie!

Grabbing his trusty choppa and blocka, Grubdug herded the goblins into the middle of their camp and announced his plans.

"Oi ya useless gits! Us gonna go joyn up wit dis Waaagh! against da stunties. Us shuw dem dat us Shadowclan boyz is guud ad bashin' stunties!"

Noone was exactly sure where this great Waaagh was, so the warband wandered through the endless ravines and passes of the mountains, occasionally running into other bands of Greenskins who either agreed to follow Grubdug or ended up as that night's dinner. Grubdug was overjoyed to have orcs as well as goblins following his lead, and began referring to himself as 'Da Biggust Boss'. He also began periodically yelling motivational slogans to his troops such as 'Green iz da best!', and 'HOOWAAAAGH!'

Eventually, the ever-growing tribe came upon the trail of these Bloody Sun Boyz. At least it seemed to be their trail based on the number of dead, beardless stunties found. Grubdug took a particular liking to the mountainous areas that the Greenskins had invaded and swore on his choppa to never let them fall completely back into the hands of the skahin' stunties.

Finally, the now sizable Shadowclan tribe caught up to the tail end of the Great Waaagh! in a land known as Mount Bloodhorn. Grubdug and his band of Greenskins found the great war machine of the Bloody Sun Boyz in a feverish pitch as they worked to grind down the last pockets of resistance while pushing ever onwards towards the stuntie capitol. A gruff looking orc saw the Shadowclan approaching and started yelling at them.

"OI! Wot youz doin' back 'ere! Youz nub Green enuff ta bash some zoggin' stunties!?"

"Shadowclan is da greenizt!", Grubdug yelled with pride as he grabbed the nearest goblin, forcibly rolled him around in a nearby pool of slime and then held the goop-covered creature up for display.

"Alrite den," the sergeant chuckled, "Git youz boyz an goboz on da muuv! Der still lots ub stunties dat needz a bashin'!"

"Oi ya gitz! Us got wurk ta do!", Grubdug bellowed, gesturing towards the scattering of dwarves that could be seen a short way down the hill, "Git duwn der an start clompin dem stunties!" The assembled Shadowclan scampered off as Grubdug hefted his choppa and strode after them to start his very own collection of stuntie beards.

Several months later...

The stubborn dwarf just wouldn't fall down and die! His armor was notched, torn and dented. His breath came in ragged, irregular gasps as blood streamed down over his face. It was amazing that the little git could even see, but somehow he still swung his overly-sharp two-handed axe with brutal efficiency. Grubdug grunted as he deflected the latest attack with his shield and the stuntie's weapon buried itself into the dirt at his feet. Grubdug raised his choppa high into the air and brought it down with all of the force his arm could muster as the dwarf shifted his shoulders to free his axe. Grubdug's choppa clove through the remnants of the stuntie's helm, hitting the slightly softer skull with a satisfying thud. A look of surprise and shock appeared in the eyes of the dwarf before they glazed over in death.

Sweating profusely and bleeding from a number of his own wounds, Grubdug wrenched his choppa from the dead dwarf and reflected on the recent battle. It seemed that the zoggin' stunties were getting tougher and tougher every day. When Grubdug brought his clan to the Waaagh, it had seemed like nothing could stand in the way of the Green Horde.

Things had gone well for the Shadowclan Waaagh! at first. They had poured into Mount Bloodhorn, laying waste to the pitiful remnants of the stuntie resistance there. They had scoured the beaches and port of Barak Varr, and waded through the muck of the Marshes of Madness. But the Waaagh hran into some stiff resistance when they moved into Blackfire Pass and the Badlands. It was here that many Shadowclan Greenskins fell to the stout stuntie defenses. But the Waaagh was not to be denied. But they churned on, urged forward by Grubdug's yells and frequent kicks. Grubdug had met with important leaders in every camp along the way, and shown an uncanny ability for getting the job done, whether it be something as simple as herding his boys along to the next battle, or heading down into the tunnels to root out stuntie holdouts. Shadowclan had made a name for itself.

Leaving Grasknak behind in Blackfire to keep the local stuntie forces off balance and to also help move the slower Greenskins along, Grubdug brought his core troops into Black Crag to confront the stuntie advance forces. Things seemed grim at first, but with characteristic Greenskin stubborness, they managed to throw the stunties back.

But even though they had pushed the stunties out of Black Crag and all the way into Kadrin's Valley, just a short hop from the fotress guarding their home capitol, breaking through the final, entrenched defenses had so far proven futile.

The goblins had their uses, especially when food proved to be scarce in the ash-covered hills around Thunder Mountain, and their obvious connection with Gork and Mork earned them a small bit of grudging respect, but their small size and lack of natural toughness made them soft targets for the many axes and swords and bows that were arrayed against the Greenskin advance. What was needed was some 'roit, propa bashas'. Good, strong orcs who could charge into the lines of stunties, knock 'em down and jump on their still-warm corpses.

Then Grubdug remembered a particularly vicious tribe of orcs they had encountered on the way to the Waaagh! These orcs had all been covered in scars and warpaint, and many were also missing limbs or other body parts. Grubdug had nearly lost his entire troop of goblins to these beasts. Only by knocking out the biggest one and then covering their retreat with his bloka were they able to escape mostly intact. These were just the types of orcs Shadowclan needed to reinfuse the Waaagh!

Grubdug looked aorund and singled out a small squig herder who was sleeping nearby.

"Get up ya lazee git," Grubdug yelled, punctuating his order with a booted foot to the goblin's head. "Grubdug got job fer youz! Youz need go back and git dem Choppa boyz ta come up 'ere an joyn da Shadowclan Waaagh!"

The goblin squealed in terror. "Oi boss! Me'z jus a liddul gobo. Dem big, mean orcs gonna eatz me ib me go der!"

Grubdug snorted. "Well youz beddur lern how ta muuv fastur!" But the goblin did have a point. Why would the Choppas listen to a little goblin git. Grubdug grabbed a nearby Shadowclan banner and stuck a fresh stuntie head on top of it, handing the newly decorated flag to the goblin. "Ere ya go! Take dis to dem orcs an tell dem dat da Biggust Boss, Grubdug, wantz dem ta joyn him Waaagh! Show dem dis bannur as proof dat us Waaagh! iz strong."

The goblin seemed doubtful that a dead stuntie head would keep him from being lunch, but a few more well-placed kicks got him moving. Grubdug was confident his plan would work. Now they just had to keep the stunties in check while the Choppas made their way to the front. Looking out over a battle on the lava plains of Thunder Mountain, Grubdug hefted his trusty choppa, climbed into the saddle of his boar, let out a battlecry and charged down into the fray.