Basic Greenskins Language

Shadowclan Greenskin language is based mostly off of Warhammer Greenskin talk (attitude with an extreme cockney accent) with some standard Shadowclan-speak added to the mix.

You aren't expected to memorize an entire language list. Rather this is meant to be a guideline for how to speak in proper Greenskin slang. It is very easy once you understand the basic concept. And language is always an ever-evolving beast. The easiest way to pick it up is to listen to how your fellow Greenskins speak, both players in the Clan and NPCs in-game.


There are stories of a Savage Orc tribe in the deeps of the Southlands jungles whose language is based soley on the single word 'Waaagh', the actual meaning which varies only according to the volume and determination with which it is voiced.

Below are a few common word examples to help you get started.

Many words can be pluralized by simply adding a 'z' to the end (examples: gitz, youz, boyz) though using an 's' to indicate mutliple items is also acceptable (examples: choppas, stunties).

Things to Avoid

Avoid using Black Speech unless it's specifically listed in the word list below. While Greenskins are Orcs and Goblins, they have a different history than the Orcs from Tolkien's World and they also have different speech patterns.

Avoid falling back into normal speech. This is especially easy to do when trying to communicate over public channels during combat. It can take longer to think and type out a Greenskin answer, but a vital part of Shadowclan roleplay is immersion through speech. A large percentage of players on our server can understand our Greenskin speech, and the more your practice it, the easier it will be in the future.


Suggested Propa Speakin' Guidelines:

If it ends in "ING" you can drop the "G" for an apostrophe.

Examples: Fishing/Fishin', Killing/Killin', Squealing/Squealin', etc..

Starting with "TH", replace with "D".

Examples: That/Dat, There/Der, etc...

Starting with "TH", replace with "F" - most of the time.

Examples: Thing/Fing, Think/Fink, Throw/Frow, etc...

Starts with "H", replace with Apostrophe.

Examples: Hate/'ate, How/'ow, Hurry/'urry, etc...

Ends with S, change that S to a Z.

Examples: Rules/Rulez, Smells/Smellz, Etc...

Word List

Oi - greeting; a yell to get attention

Waaagh! or Hoowah! or Hoowaaagh! - cheer; battle yell; a large gathering of Greenskins

Skah - a curse/swear term

Git - general derogatory reference to others

Choppa, Basha or Smasha - anything that can chop, bash or smash; one who wields a weapon

Sticka - spear

Blocka - shield

Shoota - gun or bow

Chuka - ballista or catapult

Duur basha - ram

Mojo - magic

Fixa - healer

Boss - leader

Clomp or Bash - fight; kill

Stuntie - dwarf

Hoomee - human

Paleface; Spikey boy - chaos human

Panzee; Spikey earz; Long earz - elf

Shineez or teef - gold/money

Some Language Examples

Standard speak: Excuse me good sir, could you come over here for a minute?

Greenskin version: 'Oi ya dum gitz! Git over 'ere befur me bash in youz skullz!