Spawnin' Youz Greenskin

All Shadowclan characters must be Greenskins (either Orc or Goblin). All choices beyond that regarding character class and appearance are up to you.

Your name must be appropriately in-character. If you're having trouble thinking up a name on your own, try these webpages.

Orc Name Generator -- Goblin Name Generator

An important part of Shadowclan is your character's growth within the guild. You must join the Shadowclan before you reach level 10. Any Shadowclan member of rank Big 'Un / Gob or higher rank can invite new players into the Clan. You'll need to speak with a Boss or Nob and pass certain tests to attain higher ranks within the Clan hierarchy.

Joining with an Existing Character

Shadowclan does allow existing Greenskin characters to join the Warhammer Online branch on a case-by-case basis. It is preferrable that you create a new character for Shadowclan following the guidelines listed above, but if you wish to join with an existing character you must meet the following requirements.

To apply, you should first make yourself known to Shadowclan by interacting with Shadowclan players and preferrably joining up with one of our open groups for a PQ or some RvR action (note the emphasis on interaction. Simply being passive and silent while following the group around is insufficient). Then you should try to contact a Boss and state that you wish to join the Shadowclan.

Last Names

Once your character reaches level 20, they may go to the Saldis Stormrend outside the Citadel in Inevitable City and pay 4 gold to get a last name. This name can be changed or removed by revisiting the NPC and paying the fee again.

Greenskins last names are generally descriptive, often boastful, and are chosen by young Greenskins when they reach a certain size. For most every Greenskin, their last name is a source of pride.

Every Shadowclan Greenskin is allowed to choose their own last name, though Gangz will have certain limitations on last names for those in the Gang.