Gangz are an RP division within the Shadowclan Greenskins (for anyone who played in other branches, these are very similar to tribes). Gangz are easily recognized as members of a gang will often adopt the same or similar last names and can be seen showing their Gang-specific colors in addition to the Shadowclan Green.

Major and Minor Gangs

There are two types of Gangs, Major and Minor. Major Gangs will have met certain requirements as set down by Da Biggest Boss. Gangs that dont meet these requirements will be considered Minor Gangs.

All Gangs, both Major and Minor, must meet the following requirements:

To be officially recognized and receive the distinction of being referred to as a Major Gang, a gang must also,

Major Gangs are allowed to choose an official Gang Color. Characters of this gang are allowed to accesorize with their gang color. The predominant dye color should still be the appropriate green, but tribe members can choose to use both primary and seconday options when deciding how to display their Gang colors, as long as the Boss approves of the final result . Major gangs are also allowed to choose a special mount color for their gang.

Forming and Joining Gang

To form a gang, a character of at least level 20 has to simply start a new thread in the Shadowclan forums with information about their gang concept. Once they have met the requirements listed above, they should contact Grubdug about receiving official approval.

Leaders of gangs are referred to as Boss. Each gang is allowed to have one Boss (possibly expanded if a gang grows large enough) who is active in-game. It is up the gang to choose their own Bosses. If a Major Gang doesn't have an active Boss, they become demoted to a Minor Gang, and may eventually disband if no leader steps forward to organize the often fickle Greenskins.

Characters must be at least Runtee rank to join a gang. Due to the last name requirement, you must be at least rank 20 to officially join a gang, though many gangs will have lower-level Greenskins who are aspiring to join.

Leaving a gang is as simple as removing your last name or picking a new one, though some gangs may have issues with Greenskins who abandon their ways.

Current List of Major Gangz

None currently.

Current List of Minor Gangz

None currently.

Current List of Gangz in Formation Process