Our Way of Role Play

Shadowclan character are expected to be in character at all times while logged into the game. This includes public chat, guild chat, and group chat channels.

What exactly does that mean?

Your character is not a human behind a keyboard, your character is a person in a real world experiencing real feelings, emotions, etc.

The person on your screen is also a real character that is a member of the Sith Empire and the cult of Adas.

Out of character talk on public channels is prohibited. If you are unsure what is "out of character" ask yourself "Can more than two people see this?" If the answer is yes, then it is public, and you must be in character.

The exception to this is the /tell feature. You may whisper or use /tell out of character. Please remember though, some of our members DO CONSIDER this channel a part of their role play experience and may not like receiving out of character words/conversation. If you are asked to remain in character, please do so.

What is considered out of character?

Talk about anything NOT game related. This includes but is not limited to talk about your family, vacations, kids homework, house cleaning, vehicles, grocery shopping, religion, politics etc.