Our Rank System

There is a chain of command in Shadowclan; follow it.  Higher ranks are in-charge but authority is not to be abused.  

 Higher ranks can give orders to lower ranks and discipline them as needed.


Those who have just joined.  Tyro are expected to be attempting to use Sith to guildmates, to follow the language rules, and to be trying to learn the rules


 Those who are learning; apprentices.  To be promoted to Xaari a character must pass a comprehensive test given by the guild officers that shows an understanding of the guild rules, to be able to speak Sith without problems and to understand and name the command structure and who the officers are.


Those who have integrated the teachings.  This is the rank that all Shadowclan members are expected to eventually reach.  To join this rank a character must have contacted the leader of one of the castes and are to have completed a series of tasks designed to initiate the character into the caste.  When the character has been initiated the character is a full member.  To become casteless the character must complete a task set out by each of the Jen’ari.  When each task has been completed any Jen’ari can initiate the character as a casteless Jiaasjen.


The Dark Lords of the cult.  These are those who serve as the eyes, ears, and hand of the Jen’saarai.  These are the guild officers.


The follower of truth.  This is the branch head; the one who interprets the will of Adas.