Oath Commitment

After playing with Shadowclan for a bit of time you will know that we are either your type of play style or not. Even after a time the excitement wanes, and that could possibly be after taking your player driven oath.

If after giving the oath you decide Shadowclan is not for you, we ask that you return all items from your bags, and bank system, your in game currency and either retire the character (no longer play it) or delete that character from your account.

If you choose to keep your character and continue to play it you will be considered a Traitor. In Star Wars TOR our word for Traitor is Chasst.

For this part keep in mind the distinction between character and player.

The character will have at minimum the following actions take place in game:

• The character will be shunned by all Shadowclan with in the game.
• If/when the game mechanics allow, the character will be considered “KOS” (Kill on sight) to all current Shadowclan members.
• Shadowclan will not group with the character or aid the character in any form.

The player will have at miniumum the following actions take place out of game:

• They will be banned from rejoining Shadowclan in any of our current or future branches. If we find out a character is run by a player who went traitor from the clan in a previous game we will expel that character and any of their known alts immediately.

• Posting rights on the forums will be permanently disabled.


When this topic comes up in games we are always asked two things "Why do you have this policy?" and "Why do you all take it personally". The answer for this policy is because you the player have been provided items by another player through their character and the clan to have your character improve in the MMO gaming environment both in skills and levels. When people level up a character and leave with our communal property policy in place it is seen as stealing from Shadowclan. You have taken all you can get from us, but will not be there to continue to give back to others as they have done to you.