The Language

As part of the immersive environment that Shadowclan offers we have unique language guidelines. For this branch there are two different standards for grouping with clan members and non-clan members.

Clan Members:  Usage of the Sith language is required.  The clan, as a sign of respect for their traditions and unity, only speak in Sith to each other.

Non Clan Members:  The cult member can speak in Sith or Galactic Basic to non clan members.  Galactic Basic is represented by English in The Old Republic universe.  However, the character is still expected to be in-character at all times.  

For example,  lol or using numbers such as ‘+4 End’ are not to be used. Level numbers are not used in public or saying I did 5000 damage either.

Ask yourself ‘What would a person in this universe say?’  Instead of saying they did a numerical representation of damage they would probably say they ‘cut them in half’ or ‘blew them to pieces’.  Do that instead.  If you need to discuss a number use tell for that.  

Real life incidents and people do not exist in the Old Republic universe.  Do not refer to them.

Infractions of the role play and language policy will lead to a warning on the first offense and removal from the guild on further offenses.  Shadowclan has always provided immersive role play and we take this seriously.

Please note, we understand occasional accidents will happen, and real language will slip out, we are not looking to issue warnings on those typs of infractions. It is when players are having their Shadowclan characters carry on full conversations with others and break these guidelines is when infractions will be issued.


Clan/guild Tvarja     
dark, shadow, hidden  jen  
jedi Jidai  
lord, master 'ari -- often used as a suffix for positive connotation
The perfect Sith Sith'ari --Only used for individuals the cult feels has the spirit of Adas.
Priest caste    Adassi      
Warrior caste Massassi      
Assassin caste Jenassi     
Hello seles  
Goodbye seles'na  
Yes xas    
No nie  
Thanks dazek      
Good, Big, Great zavus -- or 'ari as suffix
Weak, Small, bad    zavus'na    
I, me, myself, mine jaa     
You, You all, Your(s) jus  
We, Us, Ours mes    
He, Him, They, Them jiso  
She, Her, They, Them jisa  
To understand, know zenoti     
to be buti     
assist, help     tarnas      
to attack, kill    vulti      
traitor   chasst      
lightsaber ardu'kardas      
clan universal expletive skah  
and   ir  
but kad      
for nuo     
from sulig     
how   kait     
or   ax    
0 zil    
1 ash  
2 dai     
3 til  
4 fus    
5 fith  
6 sil    
7 sahi  
8 eos  
9 nil  
multiples of 10 use -a as a suffix      
10 asha    
20 daia    
30 tila  
40 fusa    
50 fitha  
60 sila  
70 sahia     
80 eosa  
90 nila  
hundred ash'aata (for 100)  -- add 'aata suffix
thousand   ash'tai (for 1000)  -- add 'tai suffix
Negative connotation  'na -- added as a suffix
Positive connotation  'ari  -- added as a suffix
act of doing something  'umas -- suffix for 'ing
Letter substitution       
Qh for Th  e.g. qhe for the     
Uh for Wh   e.g. Uhere for where    
Verb tenses   None. They are the same for past, present, and future. Just the verb word says it all. Present/past tense is given from the tense word in the sentence.   




















Shadowclan would like to send a special thank you to Darth Naeblis "Listarchos Devious", Starsider Galaxy for allowing us the use of their language.