Shadowclan was created in 1997 in Ultima Online as an alternate character guild. Due to the clans overwhelming success, Shadowclan has been prominent in almost every MMORPG since then with players who have alts as well as many who have made their main characters a part of Shadowclan. If you would like to try us out and you are not sure if you want to commit, then create an alternate character to play with us.  We have no restrictions on activity in-game and promote an open membership policy.

No matter what game we are in, Shadowclan's leadership works to provide you

Our goal is to provide the options for you to have more fun playing with us than with other guilds found within the game. The intent of the rules on this site are to help guide our members through that process and help you learn the ways of Shadowclan.

You just need to create a character following our character creation guidelines. (link character creation page)


Krykhar, Hugzug, Gragarn, Metug, Gohrr - Shadowclan Jen'ari

Gutlak - Shadowclan Jen'saari