The initiate is brought into a room blindfolded. Her nostrils flare as she catches a familiar acrid smell, blood. ‘Remove the blindfold of the xaari, the apprentice’. Her blindfold is removed and while her vision readjusts to the dim light in the chamber she sees a pot of blood, and a hooded figure in a red robe. ‘Leave now’ the figure says to the two figures, also dressed in red robes, who leave silently and without saying a word. Looking down at herself she sees that she as well is dressed in a crimson red robe that matches her robe color.

‘You have reached the age of maturity and your family wishes for your induction into our clan but first before you join you must learn our ways’ the figure speaks to the initiate as he slowly walks around her. ‘You are hereditary and born into our order but before you join us fully you will learn our lessons and follow them. To not do so is to invite death unto yourself so that your family’s honor in our order is maintained.’ The xaari does not move at this and the robed figure speaks ‘Good, you understand that and knew that beforehand. I expect that from one born into our order. Sometimes we do recruit promising initiates though when we can catch them young enough that their minds are receptive to our teachings and then they can learn that after they join us and learn our secrets it will be death to them if they leave. Some do not know that but they quickly learn’ and while speaking the robed figure pulls out a dagger and runs it slowly over his palm over and over. ‘You know, of course, of our name and that the rest of the Empire views us as a group of Empire loyalists who are more of a social club if you will. They however do not know of our history and traditions but I shall reiterate them to you’ and the figure moves up to an altar in the room before continuing.

‘We, those of the shadows , were born as a group on Korriban before the coming of the Jen’jidai. Our roots are found with the great King Adas, the Sith’ari, he who conquered the planet with prowess in battle and mastery of Sith magic and strew all the broken bodies of his enemies before him. The great Adas had his lieutenant, his Shadow Hand, and we were recruited as a small group to move through the Empire as shadows and slay all those who threatened the Empire. After Adas joined with the Force while driving back an enemy that thought it could defeat us and ravaged their worlds we followed his successors always in the shadows, waiting, watching, and learning what we could from the holocron that the great Adas had prepared for us when he foresaw the arrival of an ancient enemy and how he would join with the Force to defeat it.’

‘When the Jen’jidai came they were proven to the successors of Adas and Adas worked through the Force to lead them here. This is shown by the fact that they carried a mastery of Sith magic, even greater weapons and, most importantly, they won. This could not have happened without the blessing of Adas. The strong shall always overcome and weakness will be driven out.’

‘After the Jen’jidai arrived and we joined with them we became saarai-kaar, those who keep and guard the truth. We integrated the spirit of Adas with the Emperor and as long as the Emperor remains strong and the one who best keeps the spirit of the Empire the spirit of Adas stays with him. If another comes who is stronger then the spirit of Adas leaves and makes the stronger the Sith’ari. We serve the spirit of Adas and we move through the Empire and eliminate the threats to the Sith’ari.’

‘We are wide spread and from all walks of life. There are warriors and slaves and merchants who serve us and as we wish to move as shadows, learning about all the threats to the Sith’ari and vanquishing them, they come from all over. Of course though we keep our blood Sith; the aliens are weak and impure and only should serve and never the other way around. It is heresy to suggest that those who are descended from Sith should join us.’

‘With time you will decide what shall be your calling whether it be jenassi, massassi or adassi. You will go now and start your lessons with a jen’ari of our order. You will learn what we know of the Sith tongue and among ourselves you will speak it. It is your choice and your calling outside of our ranks but within our ranks we honor the fact we are Sith with our original tongue. You will learn the ways of the Force and you will learn how to make each other strong and eliminate the weak so that we may always get stronger and, most importantly, you will learn the path that will better allow you to protect the Sith’ari and our mighty Empire and slay those who pose a threat. Now, give me your hand so that I may cut it and mingle your blood in the cup with the blood of those who have gone before you and then you may meet the jen’ari who will teach you.

Who we are:   We are a Sith cult following Adas.  Our characters are descendants, physically and/or spiritually, of the Shadow Hand that served Adas and we wish to see the domination of the Sith Empire.  We believe the spirit of Adas imbues someone and makes this person the Sith’ari; the perfect Sith.  For now, we believe the Emperor has the spirit of Adas and we are dedicated to stamping out threats to the Sith Empire and helping with the Empire’s conquests.