What We Are About


Shadowclan members are always in character.

Open Membership

Anyone can create a Shadowclan character and join as long as they follow the character creation guidelines.


Your clan mates are the character's support system, back up and brethren. We work together as much as possible and are a communal group, this means we share everything. Nothing is "mine", "yours", or "theirs" and it is all owned by Shadowclan and shared equally amongst each other when one of us needs it. This helps your character growwith us and have a sense and feeling of family. Because of our communal nature, you will be asked to give a personal oath with each character at level 15. A player who gives their oath is expected to keep this character permanently in this branch of Shadowclan.

Game Friendly

Our storyline and background blend in with the game's storyline and background while providing unique twists of our own. We do not force other players to break character or their own method of role playing in order to match our own role play style.


We follow the rules of the game. No cheating, no exploiting of any in-game bugs, no use of illegal 3rd party programs, or other violations of the Terms of Service are ever allowed.


In order to remain part of Shadowclan after an initial trial period the player will be asked to take an oath to commit their character to Shadowclan. Please note, the oath is given by the person playing the character, NOT the character in the game environment. This oath is taken with the knowledge the player is intending to remain dedicated to Shadowclan.


We respect other players as fellow players. We do not grief or harrass them in any way.


We train our new members in the Shadowclan way of life and our expectations are enforced.